StarLeaf provides high-quality voice and video conferencing through a fully secure connection. Participants can access calls using any video or phone installation, broadening meeting accessibility, accommodating remote teams and allowing for future scaling. And guest invites are unlimited: meetings are as large or as small as you need them to be, every time.

StarLeaf meetings are easy to create, start and join; financial institutions can connect internal and external teams through an intuitive interface. A single “join now” button accommodates more participants with fewer technical difficulties. Further, StarLeaf is compatible with Cisco, Polycom, Skype for Business and H.323/SIP, facilitating open communication channels without compromising security.

*Zoom’s “end-to-end encryption” claim was recently brought into question. Zoom’s interpretation of “end-to-end encryption” defines each caller as an endpoint, therefore referring to their encryption of information in transit as “end-to-end encryption.” This is not congruent with the common use of the term to mean encryption in transit and at rest from any parties other than the users. In fact, Zoom released that the company is able to access its users’ meeting data. Source: